How to plan your life

Consider the past
When planning a person’s life, it is worth answering some of the questions related to his accomplishments achieved to that day, after which to infer what must be done in the coming years. Examples of these questions include the following

  • How was the time spent? And when was the deviation from the path?
  • When did you use talent and skills, and how did it feel?
  • How was the upbringing, and did it contain obstacles?
  • When was something done to avoid confrontation, knowing at the present time that this was not true?
  • What are the things that have been postponed and that the person hopes if he spent more time on them?

Make plan
Setting a plan and goals to be achieved during the next stage of life helps maintain a person’s balance and his path and the right path to achieve his goal, as the plan works as a map indicating the person’s location, and on the way back to the intended goal, according to CEO Michael Michelle, and this should be formed The plan has three main components: results, priorities, and work plan

The plan is under implementation
After developing the plan and the goals that must be achieved during a specific period, the person must develop another plan to implement and implement these goals on the ground, and divide the plan into steps that are divided into smaller measures that can be controlled, monitored, and evaluated to determine the progress in achieving the goal; Example: When planning to save and collect money, a monthly plan can be developed to provide a specific amount of salary, and then implement it by making a list of the purposes to be purchased on a particular day, and setting a weekly budget for the expense, to find out the amount of expenses on different matters, and achieve the goal of saving

Take responsibility
After defining its goals and aspirations, the person must strive to inform one or several people about these goals and plans, in order to become accountable and accountable, as these people will be asked about the accomplishments achieved during a specific period, and the person will therefore bear more responsibility towards these plans.

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