Age stages of a person

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A person’s life passes through many stages that we will address in detail in this article, and each stage is distinguished by certain characteristics that distinguish it from the other stage, and each of them needs attention and care in order for a person to live in peace without facing problems that put his life at risk, and each of us has He went through some of these stages and may pass through others, so he must be aware and aware of how to deal with these stages of age.

  • Age stages of a person
  • Breastfeeding and nursery: This stage starts from the birth of a person until the age of three years, during which the child expresses his hunger and pain by crying.
  • The first childhood stage: It starts from the age of three years to the age of five, where the child learns the right and wrong child, but he has difficulty understanding this, which makes him at odds with family members.
  •  Late second childhood stage: It starts from the age of six years until the age of twelve, which is the basic study phase of the child, in which he faces differences with his family members and others because of selfishness and urgency.
  • Adolescence: It extends from the age of twelve to twenty-one years of human life, and it is the most difficult stage for a person to pass, due to the physiological change that the individual has, whether intellectually or physically, and faces a period of instability.
  • Adulthood and maturity: This stage extends from the age of twenty to thirty years of age, in which a person has ended his adolescence and began to think more consciously of his future, his life, and his social and psychological stability, which exposes him to the problems and pressures that life requires.
  • The stage of youth and masculinity: It is from the age of thirty-one until the age of forty from the age of a person, in which he thinks rationally and realistically, and what he has gone through from his experiences is a reason for success in the remainder of his life.
  • The middle age stage: It is from the age of forty to sixty, and the person is about to retire, so he begins to scrutinize what he achieved and succeeded in, and the obstacle at this stage is that the vitality and activity of the human being are not sufficient due to age, in addition to the lack of social relations, and the reduction of morale for him .
  • Early aging stage: It extends from the age of sixty to seventy, in which a person becomes more inclined to stay at home, so that he does not go out only for the necessary needs only, and he loses many friends due to death or isolation as he does, and relies on others to perform his public affairs.
  • The stage of aging: It is from the age of seventy to eighty years, and the person is completely committed to the home, and symptoms and aging diseases appear like loss of memory and physical diseases in the spine and joints, weak senses such as sight, hearing and low voice when speaking; therefore, it depends entirely on others in the performance of his general needs And special.
  • The lowest stage of life: It starts from the age of eighty and above, in which a person is completely impotent, and he needs care as the child needs.

Calculate your physical age. Calculate your physical age in easy ways

The first thing that your dear reader thinks when someone asks you about your age, that you tell him your age according to your date of birth, and this is your chronological age, but did you not think that your body may tell you another age ?! Are there no people whose features appear to be younger than their age, and some may appear to be older than this? Learn in this article with us how to calculate the physical age.

Methods of calculating physical age
We will give you three ways to measure your physical age so that you can know your true age. These methods are measuring physical efficiency, body sizes, and assessing your lifestyle.

Measuring physical efficiency
The method of measuring physical efficiency is one of the methods used to calculate physical age by measuring the pulse of the heart and testing flexibility, strength.

Heartbeat measurement
The heart is the most important organ of the body, and it must perform its functions efficiently and be in good health, so how do you know this? You can find out by measuring your heartbeat.

The heart beats at a rate of 60: 100 times per minute so your normal rate may be lower or higher than this at your leisure, and we point out that some athletes may have a heart rate of less than 50 per minute.

To know your heart rate per minute, place two fingers of your right hand on the inner side of the left wrist below the thumb, and above one of your main arteries, then you will feel your heartbeat, so calculate the number of your heartbeat for 15 seconds, and multiply by number 4 to know the number of beats per minute .

In general, a lower heart rate indicates your heart’s efficiency and good health, and a higher heart rate means that the heart is making a double effort to perform its tasks, if your heart rate is above 100, add a year to your lifetime.

Test your flexibility
Can you still touch the tips of your toes ?! Flexibility is an indication of our youth, and it decreases with age due to several reasons, including increased dehydration, change in tissue composition, loss of collagen and muscle fibers. Here’s how to measure your flexibility:
Sit on the ground with your back straight, and your legs straight, place a mark on the ground in the place of your toes, try to touch with your hands the tips of your toes, calculate the distance between your hand and this sign, and see whether it is a distance before or if you crossed it, whenever you can extend your hand further. It means that you are still young.

If your hand does not reach the place of the mark and the distance between it and the mark is less than 5 inches, then add to your general age, even if it is between 5:10 inches. Do not add anything, but if you cross it and the distance between the hand and the mark increases by more than 10 inches, then subtract a year from Your chronological age.

Test your strength
In general, your body remains strong and its muscle strength increases until the age of 30 and then begins to lose muscle mass, but if you do not exercise, you will lose your body muscles at a rate of 3: 5% of your total muscle mass every ten years, which means you lose your strength, your ability to endure and move, and exposes you For a risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis.

To test your strength, perform a pressure exercise, and count the number of times you do it. The more you are able to do more, this means that your muscles are strong, and add a year if you are not able to do more than 10 times, but if you do 10: 19 times, do not add Do not subtract anything from your age, and if you do it for 20 times, subtract a year, but if you do it 30 times, subtract two years of your life.


How to plan your life

Consider the past
When planning a person’s life, it is worth answering some of the questions related to his accomplishments achieved to that day, after which to infer what must be done in the coming years. Examples of these questions include the following

  • How was the time spent? And when was the deviation from the path?
  • When did you use talent and skills, and how did it feel?
  • How was the upbringing, and did it contain obstacles?
  • When was something done to avoid confrontation, knowing at the present time that this was not true?
  • What are the things that have been postponed and that the person hopes if he spent more time on them?

Make plan
Setting a plan and goals to be achieved during the next stage of life helps maintain a person’s balance and his path and the right path to achieve his goal, as the plan works as a map indicating the person’s location, and on the way back to the intended goal, according to CEO Michael Michelle, and this should be formed The plan has three main components: results, priorities, and work plan

The plan is under implementation
After developing the plan and the goals that must be achieved during a specific period, the person must develop another plan to implement and implement these goals on the ground, and divide the plan into steps that are divided into smaller measures that can be controlled, monitored, and evaluated to determine the progress in achieving the goal; Example: When planning to save and collect money, a monthly plan can be developed to provide a specific amount of salary, and then implement it by making a list of the purposes to be purchased on a particular day, and setting a weekly budget for the expense, to find out the amount of expenses on different matters, and achieve the goal of saving

Take responsibility
After defining its goals and aspirations, the person must strive to inform one or several people about these goals and plans, in order to become accountable and accountable, as these people will be asked about the accomplishments achieved during a specific period, and the person will therefore bear more responsibility towards these plans.


Beautiful expressions of happiness

Happiness is to live every day with a new hope and a new work, to live your life without looking back except for happy memories, and the happiness of a person is thanks, patience and forgiveness, and here in my article I collected for you beautiful expressions of happiness.

  • Happiness … to hear everything talking around you, even inanimate things, to tell you that you deserve life … to believe that you are kind, can change the most difficult things .
  • be loved spontaneously, without taking love as a meal .. you must attain it just as others do, and taste it as others do .. to love Without plans, guarantees … and fear.
  • Happiness .. To laugh without barriers, and to liberate the child inside you .. who does not claim the idealism worn by adults not to be ashamed of your sadness .. to be affectionately affectionate for him, understanding your humanity that invites you to cry sometimes .. containing your weakness that makes you long for your strength sometimes .
  • The truth may be that there is a little dark side in each of us, that being happy does not mean that his life is perfect .. because happiness may be the result of a group of small things.
  • People want to say the words of love always conditions, this is unlikely, but if it happens it will never be without restrictions, it is always expected, people always want something in return, some want to draw happiness and smile on others, but in return they want others to feel It is their responsibility to draw happiness and pleasure for them … because they will not feel happy unless you have them.
  • Happiness is not the absence of problems, but rather the ability to deal with these problems.
  • Happiness is the primary meaning and goal of life, and the reason for a person’s happiness to leave this universe.


How do you calculate your age in seconds ?

One year = 365 + 1/4 day

One day = 24 hours

One hr = 60 minutes

One min = 60 seconds

365 x 24 = 8,760 + 6 = 8,766 hrs

8, 766 hrs x 60 = 525,960 min

525, 960 x 60 = 31,557,600 seconds per year

Enjoy life 🙂