Beautiful expressions of happiness

Happiness is to live every day with a new hope and a new work, to live your life without looking back except for happy memories, and the happiness of a person is thanks, patience and forgiveness, and here in my article I collected for you beautiful expressions of happiness.

  • Happiness … to hear everything talking around you, even inanimate things, to tell you that you deserve life … to believe that you are kind, can change the most difficult things .
  • be loved spontaneously, without taking love as a meal .. you must attain it just as others do, and taste it as others do .. to love Without plans, guarantees … and fear.
  • Happiness .. To laugh without barriers, and to liberate the child inside you .. who does not claim the idealism worn by adults not to be ashamed of your sadness .. to be affectionately affectionate for him, understanding your humanity that invites you to cry sometimes .. containing your weakness that makes you long for your strength sometimes .
  • The truth may be that there is a little dark side in each of us, that being happy does not mean that his life is perfect .. because happiness may be the result of a group of small things.
  • People want to say the words of love always conditions, this is unlikely, but if it happens it will never be without restrictions, it is always expected, people always want something in return, some want to draw happiness and smile on others, but in return they want others to feel It is their responsibility to draw happiness and pleasure for them … because they will not feel happy unless you have them.
  • Happiness is not the absence of problems, but rather the ability to deal with these problems.
  • Happiness is the primary meaning and goal of life, and the reason for a person’s happiness to leave this universe.

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