Age stages of a person

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A person’s life passes through many stages that we will address in detail in this article, and each stage is distinguished by certain characteristics that distinguish it from the other stage, and each of them needs attention and care in order for a person to live in peace without facing problems that put his life at risk, and each of us has He went through some of these stages and may pass through others, so he must be aware and aware of how to deal with these stages of age.

  • Age stages of a person
  • Breastfeeding and nursery: This stage starts from the birth of a person until the age of three years, during which the child expresses his hunger and pain by crying.
  • The first childhood stage: It starts from the age of three years to the age of five, where the child learns the right and wrong child, but he has difficulty understanding this, which makes him at odds with family members.
  •  Late second childhood stage: It starts from the age of six years until the age of twelve, which is the basic study phase of the child, in which he faces differences with his family members and others because of selfishness and urgency.
  • Adolescence: It extends from the age of twelve to twenty-one years of human life, and it is the most difficult stage for a person to pass, due to the physiological change that the individual has, whether intellectually or physically, and faces a period of instability.
  • Adulthood and maturity: This stage extends from the age of twenty to thirty years of age, in which a person has ended his adolescence and began to think more consciously of his future, his life, and his social and psychological stability, which exposes him to the problems and pressures that life requires.
  • The stage of youth and masculinity: It is from the age of thirty-one until the age of forty from the age of a person, in which he thinks rationally and realistically, and what he has gone through from his experiences is a reason for success in the remainder of his life.
  • The middle age stage: It is from the age of forty to sixty, and the person is about to retire, so he begins to scrutinize what he achieved and succeeded in, and the obstacle at this stage is that the vitality and activity of the human being are not sufficient due to age, in addition to the lack of social relations, and the reduction of morale for him .
  • Early aging stage: It extends from the age of sixty to seventy, in which a person becomes more inclined to stay at home, so that he does not go out only for the necessary needs only, and he loses many friends due to death or isolation as he does, and relies on others to perform his public affairs.
  • The stage of aging: It is from the age of seventy to eighty years, and the person is completely committed to the home, and symptoms and aging diseases appear like loss of memory and physical diseases in the spine and joints, weak senses such as sight, hearing and low voice when speaking; therefore, it depends entirely on others in the performance of his general needs And special.
  • The lowest stage of life: It starts from the age of eighty and above, in which a person is completely impotent, and he needs care as the child needs.

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